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Why Energy Drinks Should Never Be Used For Weight-Loss...

In addition to being promoted as energy boosters, energy drinks are now being marketed as sports beverages. This poses a few concerns as those people who are keen to lose weight suddenly prick up their ears and link the ‘sport’ element of the drink to weight-loss…without considering the effects of the product’s main ingredients – caffeine and LOADS of sugar.

Now from a physiological perspective, there are many studies suggesting that caffeine can enhance aerobic performance. I’m certainly not debating this.

However, in order for caffeine to provide any sort of exercise support, the person has to first consume the ideal amount of caffeine (not too much or too little) and obviously ensure that he/she is not sensitive to the potential heart concerns that could arise from excessive caffeine consumption.

Secondly, the person has to actually get off the couch and exercise, regardless of the activity. Only then, could he/she feel the possible exercise benefits of caffeine. According to this article, Stephanie Ballard, assistant professor at Nova Southeastern University in Florida seems to agree. She says:

“Although some data suggest that combining energy drink use with exercise may enhance body fat reduction. Increases in burning calories and losing weight are likely subject to diminishing returns as users become habituated to caffeine.”

And then there’s the sugar…lots of it!

It baffles me how something loaded with sugar can even be seen as a potential aid for weight-loss. This clearly shows how big the global obesity epidemic has become as people are seemingly choosing common sense over marketing hype in order to try and lose weight.

Sure, I admit that weight-loss is not easy but by following a healthy balanced diet, getting the right amount of nutrients from supplements like Total Balance and Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil, and exercising regularly, you’ll be on the right track to healthy weight-loss and more natural energy without having to crack open a can of these ‘sports drinks’. For help boosting your natural energy levels, Xtend-Life offer a superior supplement Natural Energy, that harnesses the power of New Zealand bee pollen to provide nutritional support and boost your energy naturally. 

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