Why Not Even a Helmet Can Protect Your Brain from This

Did you know that a high fat diet may damage your brain…injuring neurons in an area of the brain that controls body weight? Just like head trauma may damage various parts of the brain, effecting the respective function associated with the region of the brain that’s injured…fatty foods may have a similar effect.

This articlediscusses a study that looked at the correlation between a high fat diet and brain injury. The comment below from the study’s author sums it up:

"The possibility that brain injury may be a consequence of the overconsumption of a typical American diet offers a new explanation for why sustained weight loss is so difficult for most obese individuals to achieve."

Unfortunately, the author demonstrates a lack of lateral thinking by saying the following:

"If new medicines can be designed that limit neuron injury during overeating, they may be effective in combating the obesity epidemic."

See what I mean? Another case of throwing drugs and medicine at a problem in the hope of fixing it, instead of preventing it at the source! I’m not a Noble Prize Laureate but surely taking a drug to help prevent brain injury while overeating is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline?

Anyway, I digress…going back to the subject of this post.

It’s been well established that the brain can heal itself and can in fact repair damaged areas to some extent. Some surrounding areas of the brain may even take on the role of the damaged area. With this in mind, obese people trying to lose weight may find the process difficult…but it’s definitely not impossible.

A little hard work and dedication to improving one’s health and wellness can go a long way. It seems that the cliché “if you put your mind to something, it can be achieved” rings true.

Note from Warren: The study doesn’t indicate what sort of fats. I would suspect that there was a significant proportion of hydrogenated or trans-fats were involved. Natural fats are needed by the body and they don’t make you fat anyway.

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