Will Supplements be banned?

    This is an issue that comes up from time to time, particularly from our Customers in Europe. The regulatory 'environment' about supplements in the EU is all over the place with different rules for different EU members. Even though there is supposed to be 'harmonisation' that is far from the truth.

    This is not surprising as the citizens of some countries will just not stand for the heavy handed tactics of some 'authorities'... Sadly, on the other hand other citizens don't raise any objection and just accept what is dished out to them and confine themselves and their health to the pharmaceutical model.

    There has been a real push for many years by specific interest groups to try and ban many supplements in Europe, or 'water' them down to the level that they lose their efficacy.

    This is all about money, not health. However, I am optimistic as more people become more informed about the benefits of going the 'natural' way that they will not allow their politicians to bully them any longer.

    The following is an email that I received from a customer who was having problem getting her supplements into Malta. She has since been able to get a prescription from a local Doctor so she is OK. Her husband has now changed his position and is on Total Balance and our Fish Oil. Vivian was happy to share her following email with you. (Joanna is our medical nutritionist, and yes, she recently married)

    Oh... it is not very likely that there will be any significant change in the availability of supplements in Europe for the foreseeable future... but, if you live in Europe keep and eye on the matter and complain to your politicians if you see there are further movements to restrict your freedom of choice.

    Here is Vivian's email.

    Subject: Availability of Supplements..."Codex"
    Hi Warren, You and I are both 1947 babes! I take this opportunity to thank you for your products and excellent website. After the success I have had using your products (cholesterol and memory loss after a stroke etc.) I wish to continue taking them. I was put on statins and suffered depression, muscle aches etc. and DO NOT want to go that route again despite my doctor assured me I would be on them for life. I took things into my own hands and with help from Joanna I stopped the statins and for the last 3/4 months at maximum dose I finally got results. (I think she is on holiday right now - did she get married I note change of name?) My total cholesterol has dropped from 274 to 229 using Lipi-Rite and Omega 3. I have also had Total Balance daily and I have also been using Neuro-Natural and have wonderful results - I now have recall that I did not have before having the stroke. So why am I writing?

    I read a lot of what is going on in the world and am sure that there will come a time VERY SOON when we no longer are ALLOWED to buy supplements. At the moment I am in Malta on an extended holiday and ordered some more supplements. I now have been told that to be able to collect them I need a prescription from a doctor. I don't have a doctor here and mine in Italy would definitely not give me one anyway - we have discussed this many times and he has told me that he would no longer be responsible for my health if I stop the statins! I would say he was exasperated with my insistence and my husband was on his side.

    Do you have a feelings or indeed certainties of how long it will be before the supplements are no longer available? If I was to 'bulk buy' (not sure I could afford that either) but the sell by date is usually 2/3 years - I intend to live longer than just for a few more years of drug free health. This is a real concern - am I the only person to address the problems? I doubt it. The web is full of other people like me who wish to protect our health. Now that I have the proof in my results I want my unbelieving husband to start taking Xtend-Life supplements too. I would really appreciate your comments.

    Vivian from Italy

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