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Wisdom teeth... do they make you wise?

I am currently researching how adult stem cells can regrow needed tissues and organs and help treat debilitating diseases. In the process, I learnt some fascinating information about wisdom teeth. Like most people you have probably had you wisdom teeth removed to reduce overcrowding in the mouth.

Why then are they called 'wisdom' teeth? Because they appear in the late teens to early twenties, when we are supposed to be gaining wisdom? Or, perhaps there are Evolutionary reasons?

Whatever, maybe the name is apt and you would be wise to preserve them!

Here's why...

A new study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry reveals an interesting new medical fact about wisdom teeth. Far from being a useless annoyance, wisdom teeth hold valuable tissues inside them that are capable of creating therapeutic stem cells.

In 2006, researchers first discovered Induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPS) have great therapeutic potential because they can be instructed to develop into virtually any needed adult stem cells, which can be used to promote healing.

But obtaining iPS is difficult because they must be extracted from sources which are not easily accessible. Bone marrow contains the necessary cells, but extracting from it is a laborious process. And skin cells, which are the easiest to obtain, do not possess a very strong programming capability.

However, researchers from Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science discovered that wisdom teeth contain viable "starter" cells which are easy to obtain..

For the study, Hajime Ohgushi and his team gathered samples from the wisdom teeth of three donors and used them to generate iPS. In some cases, the cells proliferated 100 times more efficiently than those derived from skin, and they were capable of forming a variety of different adult cell lines.

Wisdom teeth can also be frozen for several years after being extracted, allowing their valuable pulp to be stored for potential future use.

Further research is clearly needed to prove the role of wisdom teeth cells in healing and organ generation.

Meanwhile, I agree with Warren that "The best way to ensure an on-going production of stem cells is to focus on your overall health. That means feeding your body with the nutrients that your organs need which translates to a multi-spectrum nutrient formula such as Total Balance."

Indeed, our Total Balance range has the highest quality ingredients (85+) and delivery system to address cellular and genetic imbalances including the 5 main causes of aging and degeneration Free Radicals, Methylation, Inflammation, Glycation, DNA Repair.

Combine this powerful anti-aging supplement with regular exercise, ample fresh water and healthy foods for your DNA and you may not need to preserve your wisdom teeth!

By the way, like some of the commentators I too use baking soda to brush my teeth and clean my gums. It may not have a fresh minty scent but it's very cost effective.

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