Products with Microbeads Tear Up Skin and the Environment

    Did you know that microbeads may be hiding in your skincare products that not only harm your skin, but contaminate the world’s oceans too? supports new, Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015

    Christchurch, New Zealand – February 16, 2016 – Did you know that microbeads may be hiding in your skincare products that not only harm your skin, but contaminate the world’s oceans too?

    “Microbeads, small beads made of polyethylene, are used in many skincare products as exfoliants, but these plastic pieces can actually tear your skin,” states Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life Natural Products Founder and Chairman. “The microbeads then wash down the drain and enter the world’s waterways where they can survive over 100 years, having a negative impact on the world’s oceans.”

    In fact, studies reveal major, health and environmental issues with microbeads. For example, a recent report on banning microbeads from the Society for Conservation Biology indicates that, “microplastic debris, and its inherent cocktail of chemical pollutants, has been found in the stomachs of hundreds of species of wildlife.” And, “the ingestion of microplastic may cause bioaccumulation of hazardous chemicals and adverse, health effects in wildlife and people.”

    This is some of the extensive research that lead to the President Obama recently signing into law the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 to “ban rinse-off cosmetics that contain intentionally-added plastic microbeads” starting in 2017.

    Xtend-Life never uses microbeads or other ingredients that harm people or the world’s oceans.

    Because of this, Xtend-Life wants to see New Zealand ban the use of microbeads. “We are trying to communicate the message that microbeads are bad for people and the environment to all those who will listen, and we hope New Zealand and other countries take note of the recent, microbead ban in the U.S.,” states Warren.

    Instead of microbeads, skincare products can cleanse, moisturize and refine skin texture with natural ingredients like those in Xtend-Life’s Age Defying Exfoliating Scrub including:

    • Rhyolite Exfoliator – Polishes away dead skin cells gently and naturally
    • Apple Exfoliator – Improves texture and supports healthy skin
    • Shea Butter – Melts into skin as a luxurious moisturizer. Read more about Shea Butter’s moisturizing benefits.
    • Jojoba Oil – Locks in sumptuous moisture without leaving behind an oily residue. Read more about the benefits of Jojoba Oil on the skin.
    • Grapeseed Oil – Helps support the natural growth and health of new skin cells with valuable antioxidants. Read more about the anti-aging properties of Grapeseed Oil.
    • Kiwifruit Extract –Supports the skin’s health and a healthy pH level with a wealth of nutrients. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of Kiwifruit Extract
    • Manuka Honey only found in New Zealand – Nourishes the skin with many nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. Learn about the many benefits of Manuka Honey for the skin.
    • Avocado Oil – Penetrates and nourishes the skin with Vitamin E. More about the many uses and benefits of Avocado Oil for skin.

    True beauty comes from within using the best, ingredients nature has to offer. There is no need for harmful microbeads.

    To learn more about Xtend-Life’s skincare products and Age Defying Exfoliating Scrub, visit

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