Avocado Oil benefits for skin

Avocado Oil is a premium, extra virgin oil, cold-pressed from the flesh of ripe avocados. Rich in both oleic acid (Omega 9 fatty acid) and plant sterols, avocado oil is a lightweight, skin-friendly oil that adds moisture, antioxidants and other vital nutrients that have the potential to leave skin looking and feeling more youthful and vibrant. One plant sterol – sterolin – not only helps soften and hydrate skin, but also may play a role in reducing age spots by lifting away dead surface cells while improving the condition of the cells beneath.

The antioxidants in avocado oil – and any other plant-based oil, for that matter – help the body cope with free radicals, which damage skin cells, especially skin proteins collagen and elastin, which are responsible for helping skin stay supple, youthful, firm and elastic. With antioxidants including vitamins A, D and E working to support skin proteins, skin is less likely to be dry or show signs of aging including wrinkles, fine lines and sagging.

Avocado oil is lightweight so it will penetrate even the delicate skin around the eyes, helping to support the barrier layer and build up the collagen beneath – avocado’s antioxidants support the healthy production of new collagen - and offers lecithin, which works in synergy with other ingredients so formulas can penetrate the skin’s surface more easily.

Avocado’s hydrating properties also can support skin’s ability to manage and cope with healthy levels of the sun’s UV rays.


Uses of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is an ideal option for cooking, since it is monounsaturated, making it a heart-healthy option for frying and grilling.

When used as a salad dressing, it boosts the body’s ability to take in the nutrients from your salad, making it a perfect stand-in for olive oil.

It can also be rubbed into the scalp or used in a homemade shampoo bar, where is has the potential to encourage hair growth.

Source and sustainability of Avocado Oil

The avocado oil sourced by Xtend-Life is manufactured by Oil Seed Extractions Ltd., a subsidiary of Midland Holdings, another New Zealand-based company that focuses on united innovation and eco-friendly practices.

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