CardiOmegiaTM Organic Omega 7

The omega-7 in our products comes in a form called CardiOmegiaTM, sourced from 100% organic wild sea buckthorn. This new natural ingredient is from the foothills of the Himalayas is unique and has strong clinical data supporting its efficacy in combating metabolic syndrome which is associated with cardiovascular problems.

Below find a video with one of Xtendlife's researchers, Ivor Cummins, interviewing Dr. Tina Yuen on the benefits of CardioOmegiaTM 7 versus other forms of omega-7 and its advantages when compared to other forms of drugs, including statins, when it comes to treating metabolic syndrome.

Ivor is a researcher holding several positions, including Chief Program Officer for Irish Heart Disease Awareness. Tina is a co-founder of Puredia, an organisation who are devoted to promoting health education and health management through the development of organic, innovative, and clinically proven ingredients.

CardiOmegiaTM is one of the key ingredients in CX8 and has been clinically proven to improve metabolic syndrome.

Download this overview to find out how.

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