Cardiovascular Health

Our unique advanced supplements
to support cardio health...

Cardiovascular Health

Our unique advanced supplements
to support cardio health...

Xtend-Life is a specialty, research-based family-owned manufacturer in New Zealand developing unique supplements & skincare

There is no single solution to a healthy cardiovascular system. You need to be aware of and understand all the interdependencies.

Most of us think of the 'heart' when we hear of 'heart attacks' and the brain for 'strokes'. But, if you have a heart attack or a stroke, it is not generally your heart or brain that has directly caused it. It is usually due to those organs being starved for blood and oxygen due to a blockage within your network of arteries, veins and capillaries. Calcification of heart valves can cause a similar condition.

So, what can you do to help reduce the risk of a cardio 'event'?

There are four main steps:

Step 1. Prevent plaque build-up in your network of arteries, veins and capillaries. This includes calcification which is essentially 'hardening of the arteries'. Note: Our founder Warren Matthews found he had a calcified aortic valve and had to have it replaced. You can watch the video about his experience by [clicking here].

Step 2. Try making the inside walls of your arteries 'slippery' to help the blood flow easier and thus less likely to cause a blockage.

Step 3. Dilate the blood vessels also to help the flow of blood throughout the system.

Step 4. Which is an obvious one, quit smoking, eat well (no processed foods) and have reasonable levels of exercise.

Xtend-Life can help with the first three steps by supplying specialised supplements. For the first two steps for general overall cardio support, select CX8 - Cardio Support and Omega 3 / QH Premium. For step 3, VasQFlow is the best option.

If you are not already taking a magnesium supplement, then adding in our Marine Magnesium is a wise choice.

If you are on a statin drug and having negative side effects talk to your doctor about adding in our GG PURE.

Some people are concerned about cholesterol although this is not as bad as people have been led to believe over the last 30 years. Lowering cholesterol to a large degree is not always positive. However, balancing cholesterol naturally does become easier with our Lipi-Rite. If you do not have any specific concerns about your cardiovascular health, taking one of our upgraded Total Balance formulas will help keep your system in good condition as it contains many heart-healthy ingredients.  


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