Immunity Health

Strengthen your natural defenses with immunity-boosting nutrients...

Immunity Health

Strengthen your natural defenses with immunity-boosting nutrients...

Xtend-Life is a specialty, research-based family-owned manufacturer in New Zealand developing unique supplements & skincare

Immunity has been at the forefront of the media during 20/21 and beyond because of the declared pandemic. But immunity is much more than just being protected against viruses, colds, and germs. It also encompasses protection against cancers and other diseases that may be triggered by the weakening of our body's systems.

Before discussing what Xtend-Life may be able to help with regard to immunity, we should give you a hint of what you should do to boost your immunity against viruses and colds, irrespective of any supplementation. It is simple…and FREE.

    • Maximize your exposure to sunlight as much of your body as you can. Don’t burn but get as much as you can without burning. This will raise your Vitamin D to optimal levels, and there is no risk of overdosing. 
    • Ensure that you drink quality filtered water. 
    • Avoid processed foods. 
    • Get moderate exercise. 

All the above will definitely help but it is usually not enough. We need to 'top up' with additional nutrients, simply because it is virtually impossible to get all the nutrients our systems need out of the modern food supply. The nutrient density of foods, even natural ones is declining steadily due to modern farming methods.

Here are some suggestions:

If your main concern is some support against seasonal flu and colds then an economic option is our Immu-Stay. If you want additional support against respiratory issues including smoking then our Lung-Support Plus is a good option with its medicinal organic mushrooms.

However, if you want strong immunity support across the board and go way beyond just immunity from flu and colds, then it is virtually impossible to go past the premium versions of our Total Balance. There is also a more economical standard version. Both versions are specific to women or men.

A final very economic product that is helpful for overall immunity is our Multi-Xtra which is simply a high-quality multi-vitamin. Nothing special about it except that we only use the natural form of vitamins and minerals plus we have added in some additional co-factors to make it more effective.

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