Xtend-Life is a New Zealand health and wellness success story which began in 1998. Warren Matthews was 51 when he began researching supplements that could slow down the aging process after he lost everything in an ill-fated business deal. He enlisted the help of renowned bio-scientist Professor A. Munem Daoud to create a potent, complex, bio-available dietary supplement to provide the optimum levels of all the essential nutrients needed to nourish and sustain your cells. Xtend-Life was created in the year 2000 but it took almost a year for the first Total Balance supplement to be produced and sold.

Today, Xtend-Life produces more than 50 products including advanced supplements and scientifically formulated skincare using only the most safe and effective ingredients. Tens of thousands of people from around the world have been helped in their quest to delay the effects of aging and to feel and look their best.

With its base at the foot of the Port Hills in Christchurch, New Zealand, Xtend-Life continues to produce sophisticated, unique formulas with the highest quality ingredients that we believe have not been matched by any other dietary supplement company.

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