Australian GST

New Australian GST on low cost imported goods

From July 1, Australian consumers will pay a 10% goods and services tax on all online goods bought from overseas. Imported goods worth less than $1000 were GST-free, however prices are set to go up as that exemption ended. To learn more visit Australian Taxation Office website here.

Xtend-Life will cover this cost until the end of September, meaning you can still buy products from our advanced supplement and skincare range at the same cost, without having to pay an extra 10%. Starting October 1st, 2018 our prices will increase by 10% to include the extra tax. Starting October 1st, 2018, we will increase our prices by 10% to cover the extra 10% GST on all products.

Our products provide a foundation for strong health and an improved appearance. At Xtend-Life, we truly believe prevention is better than cure. We commit to uncompromising quality, value for money and development of elite products with exceptional purity and efficacy.

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