Elite Supplements

Elite Supplements

Xtend-Life is a specialty, research-based family-owned manufacturer in New Zealand developing unique supplements & skincare

Xtend-Life Natural Products is also UNIQUE as a company.

We offer personal service like no other...no matter where you live in the world!


Xtend-Life Natural Products has been a pioneer, since 2000 in developing a new class of supplements, skin care products and superfoods... utilizing the latest scientific research and exacting manufacturing technology to provide health benefits never before achieved with natural products.

Xtend-Life supplements provide targeted nourishment to your cells and organs to help correct nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in your body. Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances are believed by many scientists to be the greatest cause of ailments and premature aging due to the degradation of your DNA!

But...there is much more to resisting aging and achieving the long-term wellness we all desire.

Even though up to date knowledge is used in the development of our unique products, there are no new 'wonder' ingredients included unless their safety and efficacy have been comprehensively established in high quality studies. Customer safety is paramount, and as such Xtend-Life will never put our customers at risk with unproven ingredients.

You may have tried supplements in the past that have provided disappointing results. This could be due to a number of factors. Many components are needed to develop a genuinely effective product that delivers the best results. Just one missing component can have a major impact on the result.

The Xtend-Life range of products is quite unique, because we work hard to ensure that no component is overlooked.

What makes Xtend-Life dietary supplements Unique?

The research and development work that goes into the development of Xtend-Life’s dietary supplements is a critical step in this process. The choices of ingredients, manufacturing processes and other special enhancements are also essential components. Some of the key differences are explained in the following sections on Delivery Systems, Product Synergy and Ingredient Blending.

To better understand the philosophy and approach behind the development of these products, we must first look at why they are needed in the first place. We do this by explaining why many ailments and degenerative conditions develop, and what we all need in order to maintain vibrant health as we age.

Consider this: 

Nutrient imbalances and/or deficiencies in the body are known to be a prime cause of ailments and degenerative conditions. Our organs require a wide range of nutrients to ensure that they can produce the many chemicals, compounds and hormones needed by our cells.

If our bodies are deficient in any of these nutrients our organs will slowly starve, making it impossible for them to function effectively. This in turn results in inadequate amounts of chemicals and hormones being produced. The result is accelerated cellular degeneration. This means aging and degenerative conditions. The illustration on the right shows what gradual nitrogen deficiency does to a simple leaf. Similar deterioration of your organs occurs when they do not have optimal supply of essential nutrients!

Attaining and maintaining vibrant health is largely dependent on your body's ability to sustain adequate levels of essential nutrients. The challenge is getting these nutrients to the cells and this is where most supplements fail.

Nutrient imbalances and/or deficiencies are due to three key factors:

  • Poor diet.
  • Poor extraction of nutrients from food.
  • The declining quality of the available food supply.

A poor diet, eating excessive amounts of processed foods (including excess sugars and fats), animal derived foods and dairy foods, as well as consuming insufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables and pure water, will result in nutrient imbalances and/or deficiencies.

Poor absorption of nutrients is common amongst many people. This is often due to a lack of specific enzymes in the upper intestine that enable the digestive system to break down the nutrients from the food into molecules small enough to pass through the membrane of the small intestine.

Declining quality of food is caused by many factors. Large scale industrial farming, nutrient deficient soil, premature harvesting, pesticides, processing, storage methods, and the time taken to travel large distances to market all degrade the nutrients in the food we eat. 

Delivery Systems

The way a supplement is delivered to your body is critical to its effectiveness, regardless of whether it is in tablet, capsule, soft-gel, powder or liquid form. If the correct nutrients are not released in the correct place, then they cannot do their job effectively and the supplement is worthless.

The nutrients provided by the supplement must be able to be absorbed into the bloodstream without being damaged or compromised. Achieving this is very complex, and this is why the choice of delivery system is a critical part of the research and development process that Xtend-Life follows as part of the development of all of our dietary supplement products. This is part of the reason why we believe that Xtend-Life products provide unparalleled health benefits.

 Xtend-Life uses four different delivery systems for our dietary supplements, which reflect the specific purpose of the products and the active ingredients they contain. These are:

  • Enteric coated tablets
  • Non-enteric coated tablets
  • Soft gel capsules
  • Hard gel capsules

Xtend-Life’s Zupafood (superfood) products are provided in powder form for drinking with water.

Enteric Coated tablet

Xtend-Life uses enteric coating on our flagship Total Balance product line. Total Balance is the most Complete Nutrient System available, and it is rightly considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of supplements.

This should be the cornerstone of your supplement program if you are serious about maintaining and improving your health. 

There are seven versions of Total Balance:

Other Xtend-Life supplements with enteric coating include: 

Enteric coating is rarely used in the supplement industry because it is a sophisticated and expensive system. It is the ultimate technology for delivering sensitive and valuable active ingredients successfully to the upper intestine for optimal absorption.

Enteric coating technology allows tablets to pass through the stomach intact, without being damaged by stomach acids. This is crucial because exposure to stomach acids can damage or inactivate some of the most important nutrients, such as L-Glutathione, Resveratrol and SAMe.

The essential enzymes can also be rendered useless by stomach acid.

When enteric coated products reach the upper intestine, the coating on the tablet disintegrates and releases the active ingredients. The enteric coating, which is inert, then continues on through the digestive system and is passed from the body. 

Once the coating has disintegrated, active ingredients in the tablet 'react' with enzymes present in the supplement, breaking down to smaller size that allows those nutrients with larger molecules to easily pass through the intestinal walls. This ensures optimal absorption of the valuable nutrients.

Xtend-Life uses only Nutrateric II enteric coating. Nutrateric II is the most natural enteric coating available, and it is supplied by Colorcon, the world leader in tablet coatings.

Non-enteric coated tablets:

Xtend-Life uses Colorcon tablet coating on the following products:


These products are designed to have their contents released into the stomach, because stomach acids do not damage the active ingredients they contain. Bromelain and Piperine are added to the tablets to ensure that the molecular size of the active ingredients can be effectively 'transferred' through the upper intestinal walls for optimal absorption.

Although these tablets are not enteric coated, they are sealed to prevent any degradation that might otherwise occur through oxidation (the effect of coming into contact with oxygen) prior to consumption, and for easy swallowing.

Soft gel capsules:

The following Xtend-Life products are delivered in soft gel capsules:




These products are all based on natural oils which makes soft gel capsules the best delivery system.

In the case of Xtend-Life Lipi-Rite, a special combination of oils is used, which 'envelopes' the powdered active ingredients and assists in the effective delivery and absorption.

Hard gel capsules:

The following Xtend-Life products are delivered in hard gel capsules:

These products are designed for the ingredients to be released into the stomach, making hard gel capsules the ideal delivery system.

Guaranteed right time, right place delivery. 

In addition to using specially designed delivery systems, Xtend-Life supplements are guaranteed to disintegrate in the body at the appropriate time and place.

Both the British and the US Pharmacopeia lay down clear protocols for testing each delivery system. The protocols vary depending on whether the products are enteric coated tablets, normal tablets, soft-gels or hard capsules. All Xtend-Life Supplements are tested using these protocols and meet all their requirements.

Product Synergy 

The choice of the delivery system is only one part of developing a world class effective dietary supplement. The synergy of the ingredients is another component that puts Xtend-Life supplements in a class of their own.


TB Woman Premium

When many ingredients are combined in a formula they either, work synergistically together and enhance each other, or, they remain neutral or, in some cases they can damage each other.

Xtend-Life's research and development is focused on ensuring that:

  • All ingredients are examined in detail and chosen for positive interactions to enhance their effectiveness and to ensure they do not damage each other and reduce the efficacy.
  • Individual ingredients are only used in amounts that have no potential to do harm. High doses of Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form, for example, can do more harm than good, due to the generation of additional free radicals.
  • All formulas only contain raw ingredients that are clinically PROVEN to be safe and effective.

The dosages and number of individual nutrients used in each formula ensures that each product provides the body with the greatest choice of 'raw' ingredients to help achieve the objective of each supplement and minimise any potential waste.

All Xtend-Life supplements can be taken in combination with each other. This means the needs of each individual customer can be met without compromising the effectiveness of any of the products being used, or risking any potentially excessive intake of any component.

Blending of Ingredients 

It is very important to use the best ingredients and have the best synergistic formulas. However it is also essential to combine these with the very best blending protocols in order to deliver the best and most consistent products.

Xtend-Life has very demanding and precise blending protocols which we believe are the best in the industry. This is because they are much more time consuming and therefore more expensive to follow.

These protocols are critical with the complex formulas Xtend-Life has developed. If these protocols were not followed, it would be impossible to ensure that all the active ingredients are distributed evenly throughout all the tablets. This may be one of the reasons why many products from other manufacturers have been shown when tested to not contain what is stated on the label. It is sometimes due to rushed blending protocols that result in the ingredients not being properly distributed throughout each batch.

The table below illustrates the difference between blending protocols when making an Xtend-Life supplement such as Total Balance compared with a standard dietary supplement.

Standard Blending Process



Xtend-Life Blending Process



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