Total Balance - Go Beyond Multivitamins

If you are going to take one supplement, then this is it. Way beyond a multivitamin, it’s a complete nutrient system with specifically tailored versions for men and women.

Manufactured in New Zealand with over 90 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, and other nutrients, all designed to synergistically work together. Based on science and constantly updated for 20 years, we and 20,000+ customers believe that this is the most comprehensive supplement available.

The Foundation of Good Health

The Foundation of Good Health

A complete nutrient system to feed your cells the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time supporting energy levels, immunity and foundational health.

Anti-Aging Formula

Anti-Aging Formula

With age-defying nutrients to support your entire body at a cellular level, Total Balance helps maintain youthful cell function, giving you an advantage in tackling the main causes of aging.

Optimised for Men and Women

Optimised for Men and Women

Our gender-specific formulas support the specific needs of men and women, including prostate and testosterone support for men and support for menopause and PMS for women.

The Search for Health

Total Balance was born out of a personal quest by Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life to increase his health span at the same time as he increased his life span. The journey started with vitamins and developed into a complete multi-nutrient solution, with minerals, enzymes, amino acids and age-defying nutrients, all in their premium forms, to support cellular health and keep all the systems of his body in balance.

In this video, Warren shares how it has helped support his family against the causes of aging for over 20 years.

Total Balance - The Complete Nutrient System

Manufactured in New Zealand from Quality Natural Ingredients

Total Balance, like all our supplements, is manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Zealand, which is FDA registered and GMP certified.

We know that a supplement is only as good as the ingredients that go into it - ingredients of the same name can vary enormously in efficacy depending upon where they are sourced – that’s why we only use the natural, most bioactive forms of ingredients, which are better for your body and absorbed more completely.

To make Total Balance even more effective, the ingredients are protected by a special enteric coating to ensure that stomach acids don’t damage or destroy the nutrients before they reach the upper intestine where the body can make the best use of them.

These extra steps are part of our commitment to making Total Balance the most comprehensive supplement available.

What Customers Say About Total Balance

Total Balance Men's Premium

Class of its Own
Total Balance Men's Premium is a game changer in supplementation. I’ve used these for about eight years and when I delay an order and try something else, I always regret it. I see and feel the difference in my energy, appearance, and health. It also helps knowing that it positively impacts every system in the body.

Wayne, USA

Total Balance Women's Premium

To Feel Your Best
I have been taking Total Balance Women's for several years now. I found it looking for the most complete vitamin without taking a handful of pills throughout the day. This one checked all the boxes! As a post-menopausal woman who had occasional hot flashes, I knew that moving into the next chapter of my life required making a few better choices for my aging body. This vitamin makes me feel better.

Bunny, USA

Total Balance Men's Standard

I trust Xtend-Life's Total Balance Vitamins
I am 52 years of age and have been taking this product for several years. I have always been health-conscious and did not want to waste money on vitamins that did not get into my system properly and with the proper effects. Xtend-Life has done extensive research into what vitamins... I have found no other company in the world follows stricter manufacturing guidelines.

Aaron, USA

Total Balance Women's Standard

Great Comprehensive Supplement
I have been taking these for years and feel great. Considering all the ingredients included in this dietary supplement it is the best bang for your buck. I have done a lot of research on vitamins and nutritional supplements, and Total Balance is still the best in terms of the types and amounts of micronutrients it offers. Definitely recommend!

Tamara, USA

More Than a Multivitamin

Without the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and amino acids - your body can’t function properly. That’s why Total Balance Premium contains:

  • Vitamins all the essential vitamins you need each day
  • Minerals and Micronutrients for cell fuel
  • Powerful Antioxidants resist the damage caused by free radicals. Amino acids - for building protein and supporting metabolism and cellular health
  • Enzymes to boost the bioavailability of the nutrients and deliver nutrients to cells
  • Eye Health Blend for healthy vision

Total Balance Premium is more than a multivitamin, it’s a complete nutrient system in one bottle.

Why do I need Xtend-Life's Total Balance?

Total Balance is designed to support all areas of foundational health.

Which Total Balance Version is Right for Me?

Total Balance Men's Premium

Total Balance Men's

Total Balance Women's Premium

Total Balance Women's
Full Spectrum Multi-vitamin Enhanced Enhanced
DNA and Cell Repair Enhanced Enhanced
Immunity Support Enhanced Enhanced
Anti-Aging Formula Enhanced Enhanced
Enzymes, Amino Acids
Enteric Coating
Tablets a Day 7 4 7 4
Price (30 Day Supply) $105.95 $54.95 $105.95 $54.95

Our 365 Day Good Health Guarantee

We’d like you to join the hundreds of thousands of our customers who have made an investment in their health. They’ve told us the nutrients in Total Balance have built health they can see and feel, from the appearance of their skin, hair and nails, to energy levels, sleep and immunity.

To remove the risk we’re offering you this guarantee: Try Total Balance now. If you don’t feel the benefits within two to three months we will give you a full refund, less the shipping costs, when you return your empty or unopened bottle within 365 days of purchase.