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Question: from Al

What is your advice regarding Nattokinase?



Answer: from Warren

Nattokinase is a good enzyme and can be very beneficial in helping clean your arteries…provided it is the right sort. There are a number of different forms on the market most of which are not approved by the FDA in the US.

When we researched this ingredient some time ago the only quality form that we could find that was approved by the FDA was called Nattozimes and is produced by the National Enzyme Company in the USA.

We now use this in both our Total Balance Premium and Cardio-Klenz.

Why are some forms of Nattokinase not approved by the FDA? The simple answer is how they are produced.

All forms of Nattokinase are produced using fermentation bio-technology. The reason why most forms of Nattokinase are not approved is that they use bacteria as part of the fermentation process. This can potentially produce some unwanted bacteria which is why the FDA will not accept these forms of Nattokinase.

However, National Enzyme Co uses fungi in which to produce their Nattokinase…not bacteria. It is a more expensive process but is 100% safe and is approved by the FDA.

So, if you are using a Nattokinase supplement and you are not buying it from Xtend-Life make sure that you establish that it is a form which is produced from fungi or easier still is Nattozimes from the National Enzyme Company.

Also, it should be in an enteric coated tablet not a capsule. This enzyme is very sensitive and needs to be protected in this form.

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